Our Community Service

Our school is deeply involved in the Hickory community. Working with local government and businesses as well as local non-profits to enhance community protection throughout Catawba County and Hickory NC. Our goal is to bring awareness to the community about how violence affects not just the immediate family involved but the multi-layered effects on the community that impact us all. Our school is a member of the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce and works with local law enforcement to find solutions to violence. In the fall of 2022, we will begin to work with Hickory Public Schools to bring solutions to the bullying problem our children face every day.

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Ready for School

Partners for Peace in Catawba County NC

We are happy and very excited to partner with the following organizations to bring awareness to the growing problem of violence in our world. Our community needs children to become leaders and our kid's activities are just that.

  1. Catawba County Child Advocacy and Protection Center
    We have partnered with the Child Advocacy and Protection Center to help victims of assault and abuse learn ways to empower themselves to rise up and know that they are "strong" and have the strength to stop any type of assault.

  2. Tree of Life Christian Academy
    We are proud to announce our partnership with the Tree of Life Christain Academy and are excited to be named their official P.E. program starting in the 22/23 school year. We look forward to teaching children practical self-protection through His word.

  3. Patrick Beaver Library
    We are excited to be helping our community through our public library by offering small many clinics on different topics from bullying to teaching respect to preschoolers.

  4. City of Hickory Community Development Committee
    Our friends at the city of Hickory and the Community Development Committee have been instrumental in our growth and success in Hickory. Thank you, City of Hickory!

  5. Member - Catawba County Chamber of Commerce We are proud to be a shareholder in the Chamber here in Catawba County and look forward to serving in all aspects of our duties.

The Hickory Hub

Our dojo offers much more than a place to train. Each visit gives the student an exclusive look into the world of the samurai warrior. Our Zen-like atmosphere is relaxing and truly conducive to training, not just for the body, but the mind as well.

Our staff will ensure that your visit is warm and comfortable by escorting you to the viewing area and offering you refreshments. While your child/student will take a tour of the dojo by one of our S.T.O.R.M Team members and are guided in their first experience.

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Our Mat System

High Tech state-of-the-art mat system called tatami. High-density foam and with the surface of real tatami on top, this mat system is as close to Japan as it gets. Cleaned and disinfected regularly our dojo is safe and inviting. The only equipment you will need is yourself and a willingness to explore your potential. No sparring or fighting, but clear methods of de-escalation and resolution. Violence only breeds more violence.

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