What Parents Need to Know

Parent’s need to understand that Samurai Institute is NOT the typical martial arts school.  Our parents consistently tell us how different we are from all the others they have visited in our area.  We take this as a huge compliment because we are different.  The difference is simple.


  • punch
  • kick or
  • spar / fight
  • nor lay down on the ground.

We DO so much MORE:

  • Teach students to respect others and themselves.
  • Teach cooperation through working with a partner in every class!
  • Teach a code of conduct that is reflected in their daily lives!
  • Teach students to dis-escalate potential problems before they become violent!
  • Teach family values that are faith driven that last throughout their lives!
  • We teach these core values through community involvement and by examples from our staff and students.
  • We have the ONLY structured anti-bullying curriculum in this area!
  • Our facility is secure and clean with an atmosphere conducive to learning!
  • Our equipment and uniforms are guaranteed for one year even for size growth!

Our program is NOT mainstream martial arts, and we have an evolved mindset on practical self-protection for yourself and loved ones. 

Samurai Institute’s Parent Area

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