Perspective: Our Children & Our Own

As parents, we share a collective purpose to giving our children the tools they need to one day create an amazing life. We humbly accept that they will be out in the world on their own and our influence will not be as impactful as it is today. We cultivate experiences to help our kids learn and discover the best version of themselves. We know from our own life experiences, that our children will make mistakes, face disappointments, and endure many challenges. They will need to be resilient, confident, and disciplined to overcome and rise above life’s many difficulties.

As parents, we believe in our children. We invest our time and resources in martial arts classes, tutoring, sports, schooling, vacations, and so much more. We hope to give them a love for life with lasting memories that will show them just how amazing they truly are and can be. Through our every thought, word, and action, we demonstrate to our children, the power of unconditional love, and how it can offer them peace when they do experience hardships. They know that we will always be the home they can come to, where they can feel safe and loved.

As parents, we humbly embrace the uncertainty of today’s world. We move forward with a sense of hope, that everything is going to be alright. We will continue to do our best to influence our children’s future, imagining the positive impact it will have on their lives one day.

As parents, we dream of a better life for our children. We make sacrifices every day to do so with an unwavering commitment. We do so as ONE, a community dedicated to serving our children, in every moment, to live their best lives.

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