Referral Program

Referral Program

Our school has many types of marketing in place, but the greatest  compliment that our students could give us is to refer a friend or neighbor.  We truly believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves in critical  situations. For that reason, we are proud to offer the most efficient way to  defend yourself, aiki jutsu, aikido, and the art of the Japanese sword,  Kenjutsu. Our program goes much deeper than just defensive tactics, by  teaching by example the code of conduct set down by the ancient samurai  warrior class of Japan.  

This code teaches us to adhere to ethical behavior in every situation we are  placed in. Our duty as warriors is to set the example of conduct becoming of  a higher level of thought. Our ethical responsibility to our family and  community is how we develop the mind of a warrior. The word SAMURAI  literally means “to serve”. More is expected of Bugeisha, the student who  studies war. 

Our referral program is simple. You invite a friend and when they come in  to try a class with you then you get 10 credits. Once you get 50 credits, you  get a free dojo t-shirt. When your friend signs up you get a $5 discount on  

your monthly membership cost. And your friend gets their first 10 credits.  You can sign up to 20 friends you refer. THAT’S $100 OFF YOUR TUITION  EACH MONTH! And you get cool swag! That will save you $1200 a year!  What can you do with that money? 

Each referral = 10 credits 

50 credits = Free T-shirt or other merch 

Friend signs = $5 reduction on monthly payments 

Up to 20 sign ups! Save $100 per month