Our Services

Birthday Parties

Samurai birthday parties are fun energetic ways of educating your partier and up to 20 of their friends.  How boring is education at a birthday party, huh? Well rest assured our education is more edu-tainment with games, activities and challenges that inspire the party goers to learn self-defense.  And we even have an obstacle course!  We give 45 minutes of mat time and then 45 minutes of party and gift time.  There are 2 options for parents, with decorations and without.  A small deposit holds your birthday party on our schedule. 

Corporate Self Awareness & Defensive Training

Our corporate self-awareness and defensive (SAD) training is designed to give employees of your company a fulfilling sense of awareness and empowerment.  Taught in a relaxing fun environment, this program is 3 hours long and can be broken into one-hour sessions.  First hour emphasizes relaxation and environmental awareness and how to become mindful of your space.  The second session teaches improvised weapons and tactics.  A strong emphasis is placed on the theory of attack and how energy can be utilized.  The third session is concluded with basic self-protection skills from various attacks practiced slowly with a partner, (hands on session).  Can be taught at your company or our facility. Price is $60 per person with a minimum of 10 participants.  Call for groups smaller than 10. 

Parent’s Night Out

Parents night out is done once per month and is listed on our schedule.  Each night is different and is guaranteed to be fun and exciting for all.  Done on Friday evening from 6 PM till 9 PM, we provide food, drinks, snacks, and a fun time!  Activities range from movies to obstacle courses with games and much more!  What a great way for parents to go out and relax knowing the kids are in a safe, secure facility learning something that truly benefits them for life! The cost is $10 for non-members, and they can bring a friend for $5 more!  Members is $5 and they can bring a friend for free.  Contact us for the schedule!