Special Events

White Belt Party

This is an event for our new white belts that have just started and want to get together and discuss their training. It’s a great opportunity for our new students to invite a friend to attend and take the white belt test. Every guest will be given the white belt lesson by their host and then tested. There are games, fun and excitement building to the awarding of their white belts. There is no charge for this and it’s our way to welcome our new students to our dojo. An email will be sent to register for this event the week of it. Don’t forget to invite your friends! Be sure to have decision-makers attend as well.

Kohai Party

This is the party for all color ranked students in the dojo. It is by invitation only and 2 students will be selected each month to invite up to 10 of their friends or family. This is the opportunity to invite your friends to come and see the difference in our school and programs and to see how their lives can be changed through martial arts. They will be given, by you, the white belt lesson and earn the white belt that will be awarded by you. Pizza and refreshments will be served, and we can fellowship and talk martial arts. A link will be created and sent to those showing enthusiasm in class.

Buddy Bash

Buddy Bash is a party at the end of Buddy Week. Invite your friends to attend classes with you all week. At the end we’ll have a bash and have food, drinks, desserts, and a whole lot of fun! Check the dojo calendar for dates and times for these fun events. Parents are invited to these events and are encouraged to attend.

Parent’s Night Out

Been a while since you’ve been out on the town? Have an urge to spend some alone time? Just want to have dinner without the kids?

Well bring them to our Parent’s Night Out and relax for a few hours. Our night will be filled with fun, games, martial arts activities, pizza, and all done in a secure building and a safe environment. Done each month, we will take the stress out of childcare. Be sure to bring a friend, with their parents, for the paperwork because it’s always more fun with friends!